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This term is usually used for guys that mean a lot to you. This guy particularly isa keeper, he has amazingfeatures, an amazing voice, and an absolutely loving personality. He knows how to make you smile just by saying a few words.

Sometimes, this term is also used for guys with bigprivateareas.

WHOA! Thats definitelya Paul.

He is a person who hatesbulliesbecause he has such a softhart. He will always be your friend when you have a bad day but no one is there for him when he is down. He trys to help people but some how they misunderstand his intentions. He help people with mental disordersptsdor anxiety. He is a very person

by... ZjdbckdnznsjdOctober 28, 2019

Paul: meaning humble in latin. P= Perfect A= Aweseome U= Unique L=Legend. Paul is probably the coolest guy around but he wont tell you that. He is the kinda of guy you want by your side when fighting off an army of 10,000 pygmies withpoisenarrows. He can tell you what colour your underwear is by looking into your eyes. He is wanted in three countries by the authorities. He is wanted in162countries by most women. He can eat a cheeseburger in 1 bite. He can lick his own elbow and other peoples too. Scientists have said that he is so hot that he may be the main reason for global warming. Hisshit doesnt stink, in fact it smells like car polish. He was refused entry to the USA because his biceps were classed weapons of mass destruction. He is in theguinessbook of world records for completing the most somersaults in a row (126253). We spends: Mondays at orphanages, Tuesdays at homeless shelters, Wednesdays at retirement homes, Thursdays developing a cure for AIDS, Fridays playingracquetball with Bono and Sting and Weeknds writing prize winning novels.

byPaulus Maximus IIFebruary 5, 2010

This man is as solid as his name, strong yet humble, atrue and beautiful. He loves to laugh and be with the people he loves, when he speaks they listen to what he has to say because it really means something. A man of character, with asense of adventure, beautiful hands and a smile that is contagious. Definitely a man to seek out in a crowd...

Me:Sucks to be you, Im looking fora Paul.

An amazing guy whoshandsome, smart,loving, and agentleman.

Reported cause forforest fires, andglobal warmingdue to his hotness. Paul is usuallytoo hot to handleand is the property of two amazing girls ;) 3

Oh, it waspaul, cause he is so hot.

byshabbalabbadingding;)March 4, 2012

The single most amazing guy on the face of the earth. Someone who is sweet, genuine, and should be a stand up comedian because he has a great sense of humour. He loves sports and is very athletic andin GREATshape. His favourite colour is usually orange, or black. So very fun to hang out with, and is the envy of all his friends. A fantastichugger. When he holds you in his arms, even in just a friendly embrace, the rest of the world melts away.

It doesnt hurt that he has a wonderful butt, either. :)

Paul is the epitome ofthe perfect guy.

Person A: What are you doing today?

Person B: Im hanging out with Paul, girl!

Person 1: I wish someone couldmake me laughtoday.

Person 1 and 2 look at each other and agree out loud:A Paul!!!

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